In archaeology, each team member usually works on a specific section of the excavation site making it difficult to combine and contextualize discovery on the whole site. VITA aims to provide a tool to support archaeologists in discovering new insight by putting the whole database in context using AR HMD. Collaboration is made possible by displaying the same immersive environment for multiple HMD. Since AR was chosen, direct talk and usual non-verbal language is directly available.
A photo-realistic model has been build using laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques, each artefact find is displayed at the finding location on top of this 3d model. Artefact are labelled with its name and represented as colored diamonds where color is based on the object type, e.g. ceramic objects are red and wooden objects are blue.
User can bring 3D model of the artefact in the immersive world by searching through a library on classic display. Importing the model is done through place the dataglove in contact with the 2D screen and performing a closing fist gesture, as if you where grabbing the object out of the screen.